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Oct 26, 2012 11:00am EDT
week. it's important to stay tuned. doug, veronica will be here with the latest updates. every three hours we get new looks at it. stay with us. >> all right. sounds like it's going to be quite a weekend around here. thank you so much. >> keep it locked on storm team 4 the whole way. >> we are going to check on the traffic again. >> what is the latest? >> problems in northeast and northwest. northwest pennsylvania avenue is shut down because of police activity. this closure is between 6th street and 4th street. as you make your commute, you are closed. this is between 24th street and south dakota avenue. you are going to force to turn on south dakota avenue. good news, outer loop of the beltway at 355 there was a disabled car there. it's out of the way. the 14th street bridge is nice and clear. back to you both. >> thanks. >>> 11:20 is the time. georgetown's mascot and mos cot in training are going to join us after the break. how they are working together these days. >> so far, so good. >>> plus hair loss in women. what are the causes and best treatments? treat[ male announcer ] if b
Oct 25, 2012 11:00am EDT
market. doug kammerer will have a chat about sandy at 5:00 p.m. today on >>> this morning, we are hearing from d.c. area sniper lee malvo. he told matt lauer that muhammad sexually abused him for years and he forgave himself for the murders they committed. >> have you forgiven yourself? >> yes. >> for all the crimes, all the innocent lives that were lost, you have forgiven yourself? >> yes. that's the only way i can live with myself. >> based on the grief and horror you inflicted, do you think it's the life you deserve? >> i wouldn't wish this on anyone. i wouldn't wish this on anyone. this is -- well, it was intended to punish. that is -- that is -- it is effective. it's -- i mean, it is complete dep revacation. >> a victim's brother has not forgiven him, but got a better understanding of what was going through his mind a decade ago. >> he was probably a good word would be brainwashed. since that time, he's gotten, as we understand it, some mentoring, some help and has had some years to recognize what he did and our understanding is that he, given the ch
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2